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New Beginnings

I have always been naturally gifted at EVERYTHING and never had the pleasure of focusing on a singular function (I greatly admire those that can and do.) However, when I decided to start a family, I made the commitment to wholeheartedly focus on my children. Everything and everyone took a backseat to them. My philosophy became there is life after children and I plan on living it however they made me realize that the most exciting time in my life was now. Now meant sharing new and old experiences with my children. They have been an inspiration to so many things in my life and so the birth of JRD Royalty. Their encouragement and assistance meant that this would become my legacy. They are my legacy... JRD Royalty exist because I have and will always encourage excellence in my children. They said they wanted to start a business, they want to write books, they want to model, act, dance, and sing, they want to be world renown gymnasts, President of the United States, Doctors, Parents, and I will facilitate all of that and more! Stay tuned...

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You have always been a selfless and giving individual. I met you when I was just entering my teenage years and you have added to my growth and maturity over the past decade and then some! I am so excited for where Jrdroyalty is taking you... skies the limit my sister!

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