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Inside JRD Royalty

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The masterminds behind JRD Royalty, LLC are five princesses and a prince that share the same initials, royal bloodline, and range in age from 2 -10 years old.  With their crowns on their heads, and their inherited paternal and maternal entrepreneurial DNA, these royals gave birth to their brainchild – JRD Royalty, LLC.   These young entrepreneurs are the creative drivers of the company and bring their "pure imaginations" to every facet of  the royal tee designs.  They are financially and organizationally savvy as 21st Century Skills are woven throughout their academic curriculum. 

Building their entrepreneurial capacity is not a dream, it is their reality that they live each day.  They understand what is required to own and operate a successful business , and in collaboration with their team of professional consultants, they work hard at honing and harnessing their collective abilities. They understand that they have a responsibility to those who paved the way for them to wear their crowns and enjoy the rights and privileges that come along with it, and it is in that vein that they pledge an uncompromised commitment to producing tees that are comparable to none.  

Whether from the royal collection or couture, the tees are unparalleled, and each one is fit for a royal or for anyone who just wants to feel like one.  These young entrepreneurs have invested themselves and their sweat equity is what makes JRD Royalty, LLC pure gold.  

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